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You can now get your very own DISCOVER-AQ shirt, jacket, tote, hat, etc.
through Lands' End Business Outfitters.

We sent them our logo and they have created a DISCOVER-AQ shop for us.
You place the order and pay and your item is shipped directly to you.

+ Visit their site to place your order:
  • Select the item you want and place the logos.
  • To match the yellow shirts we already have (not required):
    COLOR: Jonquil
Meatball Sleeve: SLEEVE RIGHT
  • The "Meatball" is the round NASA logo. There is another one, “Medium meatball” which is slightly larger. This may be used on a tote.
  • Note the thread color of the logo (light blue). The thread color cannot be changed. Keep this in mind when deciding on your shirt/item color.
  • For questions regarding fit, color, fabric, etc., call Lands' End customer service at 800-760-4638.

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