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Project Management
Crawford, JimPrincipal InvestigatorNASA LaRC
Project ManagerNASA LaRC
Pickering, KenProject ScientistNASA GSFC
Project Data ManagerNASA LaRC
Flight Operations Support
Alexander, MikeChief EngineerNASA LaRC
Crittenden, LuciLogistics Manager & P-3 Mission ManagerNASA LaRC
Nowicki, MartinP-3B Integration/Operations EngineerNASA WFF
Singer, MikeP-3B Chief PilotNASA WFF
Fisher, BruceKing Air Platform ManagerNASA LaRC
Cleckner, CraigKing Air Lead Mechanical Design EngineerNASA LaRC
Yasky, RickKing Air Chief PilotNASA LaRC
Kagey, LesKing Air PilotNASA LaRC
Wusk, MikeKing Air Flight Operations EngineerNASA LaRC
P-3B Instruments
LARGE (aerosols)NASA LaRC
PDS (met,nav)LaRC-SSAI
TD LIF (NO2, HNO3, PNs, ANs)U of CA, Berkeley
IR Absorption Spectrometer (CH2O)U of CO, Boulder
Chemiluminescence (O3, NO2, NO, NOy)NCAR
PTRMS (non-methane hydrocarbons)University of Innsbruck
King Air Instruments
HSRL (aerosol profiles)NASA LaRC
ACAM (column O3, NO2, CH2O)NASA GSFC
Ground Instrumentation
tethered balloonMillersville University
Pandora (column O3, NO2, CH2O)UMBC
Lidar (aerosol profiles), AERI, Raman H2OUMBC
NATIVE (O3, CO, NO, NOy), ozonesondes, aerosol lidarNASA GSFC
Theoretical Investigations
trace gas retrievals and interpretationNASA GSFC
Chatfield, Robertstatistical data analysis and interpretationNASA ARC
Chu, Allenaerosol retrievals and interpretationUMBC
Ferrare, Richaerosol analysis and interpretation of HSRL observationsNASA LaRC
flight planning, regional chemistry and transport modelingNASA GSFC
Szykman, Jim National Exposure Research Lab
Williams, David National Exposure Research Lab
Long, Russell National Exposure Research Lab
Beaver, Melinda  National Exposure Research Lab
Keith, Darryl Office of Research and Development
Kondragunta, ShobhaGOES & GOME-2 NO2 and aerosolNESDIS
Lee, PiusCMAQ aerosol productOAR/ARL
Lantz, KathyMobile SURFRAD 
Michalsky, JoeMobile SURFRAD 
Maryland Collaborators
Maryland Dept. of the Environment
Hains, Jenniferground monitoring and host sitesAmbient Air Monitoring Program
Howard University
Joseph, Everette Beltsville Research Station
University of Maryland
Dickerson, Russcollaborative flightsRegional Atmospheric Measurement
Modeling and Prediction Program
Stehr, Jeff  
University of New Hampshire
Jordan, CarolynAtmospheric correction for ocean colorEarth Systems Research Center
California Collaborators
Nowak, John NH3 on P-3BCIRES
Ryerson, Tom NH3 on P-3BESRL
California Air Resources Board
McCauley, Eileen Atmospheric Processes Research Section
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
Trevino, Nathan  
Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)
Soong, Steve  
Tanrikulu, Saffet  
University of California Davis
aerosol optical and microphysical propertiesAir Quality Research Center
airborne studies of boundary layer properties and mixingAir Quality Research Center
VanCuren, TonyGround-based aerosol speciation
and optical properties
Air Quality Research Center
Ground-based aerosol speciationAir Quality Research Center
University of California Irvine
Blake, DonGround-based Whole-Air SamplingDepartment of Chemistry
University of California Santa Barbara
Leifer, IraMobile Hydrocarbon LabChemical Engineering Department
University of Arizona
Herckes, Pierreground-based aerosol filters 
Princeton University
Zondlo, Markmobile trace gas measurements 
Colorado Collaborators
Herndon, Scott Fast ethane 
Yacovitch, Tara Fast ethane 
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE)
Pierce, Gordon  
Reddy, Patrick  
EPA Region 8
Tonnesen, Gail  
FRAPPÉ Science Team
Penn State
Brune, Bill Measurements of Ozone Production 
Baier, Bianca Measurements of Ozone Production 
Princeton University
Zondlo, Markmobile trace gas measurements 
University of Cambridge / NIA
Mead, Iqsmall sensors 
Stewart, Gregorsmall sensors 
Texas Collaborators
Holloway, John(SO2 on P-3B) 
Luke, Winston Texas AQRP ground-based trace gases  
Ren, Xinrong Texas AQRP ground-based trace gases  
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Estes, Mark  
Nadkarni, Raj  
Thomas, Jim  
University of Houston
Choi, YunsooWRF-CMAQ model forecasts 
Flynn, JamesTexas AQRP mobile lab  
Lefer, BarryTexas AQRP mobile lab Institute for Multi-dimensional
Air Quality Studies
University of Texas
Allen, David Center for Energy and the Environment
Ruiz, Lea HildebrandtTexas AQRP aerosol observations 
Torres, VinceTexas AQRP logistics 
Rice University
Griffin, RobTexas AQRP - aerosols, mobile lab 
Baylor University
Sheesley, RebeccaTexas AQRP - aerosol filter measurements 
University of Cambridge / NIA
Mead, Iqsmall sensors 
Stewart, Gregorsmall sensors 
Penn State
Brune, BillMeasurements of Ozone Production 
Baier, BiancaMeasurements of Ozone Production 
Appalachian State
Sive, BarkleyVOC and Formaldehyde measurements 
Princeton University
Zondlo, Markmobile trace gas measurements 
mobile lab 

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